Sunday, November 9, 2008

Professional Nepotism: Neville, Giggs, Scholes Van der Sar & Rooney?

AS a avid Manchester United supporter, last nights loss to Arsenal was hard to swallow. Although it pains me to say it, Samir Nasri deserved his brace and Arsenal their 3 points, but for some personnel decisions, i think we could have had that game in the bag long before nasri snatched Arsenal the lead.

Sir Alex Ferguson's (SAF) team selection against Arsenal will no doubt come under scrutiny from various "pundits" and past players who think they can predict SAF's thought's from their past dealings with him. I think SAF has one of the hardest jobs in the land, trying to field the right combination of players to defend, attack and keep possession of the ball, in the right proportions so as to win games of football.

Manchester United have experienced many a golden age, and the last vestiges of the club's heroic 1999 treble are now entering the twilight of their careers.Neville, Giggs, Scholes, Solskjaer all entered 2006 at various states of physical disability. I may use the term quite liberally, but in wider terms, slight hamstring strains and a broken bones are hardly crippling, but as a professional footballer, optimal physical condition is a mandatory prerequisite to play competetively. A year passed and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer realised that his immediate and long term future did not lie in playing the game at a level that paled in comparison to his former glory days. The mature and wise man that he is realised that preserving his body for his own future, and the future of the club( via his coaching skills) was much more important than pushing himself so hard that he did himself permanent damage.

Neville, Giggs and Scholes all suffered various injuries in that period, ankle, hamstring, knee, foot and eye problems signaling that their bodies may not be responding as their minds wish. With that in mind, Sir Alex Ferguson has had to manage their playing schedule, limiting their appearances so as to keep them fit and fresh. Add to that list Edwin van der Sar, who joined United from Fulham at the peak of his powers, at the ripe old age of 34( once again talking in football years, its not young) has this season seemed out of touch with the sharpness of the league's opposition forwards, and has struggled to remain fit after suffering back, hamstring and leg problems last season.

Sir Alex has the unenviable task of easing out the ageing masters in favour of youthful exuberence, while maintaining their presence around the squad to add vital experience and tactical nouse.The difficult nature of his task was fully exposed by United's defeat at the hands of Arsenal, where 2 of his ageing master's let him and the team down. Gary Neville, captain extraordinaire and heart of the club, needlessly deflected a piledriver past the other master, who could do nothing but wave helplessly as the ball rocketed into the back of the net. He was beaten many a time both on the ground and in the air by opposition wingers and wing-backs. Van der Sar neither looked composed or comfortable in goal at any point of the 95 minute game. True the 1st goal came as a unpleasant surprise, and would have no doubt shocked the system, but he didn't recover well and was hesitant on many occasions when he was forced to clear high quality crosses and shots.

SAF's tactical changes were both symptomatic of the problems that plague him and also showed he has a ready made solution. Rafael da Silva, youthful, exuberant, speedy and defensively and offensively sound and contributes to United's attack with foray's forward that leave the opposition defence overwhelmed at the collective talent on show on United's right wing. Wayne Rooney, another of SAF's favourite sons, wasted a handful of chances to put United ahead and laster on, equalise, and was without doubt, having a frustratingly bad day. Carlos "Apache" Tevez, was brought on for Wayne in the 77th minute, giving him just over 15 minutes to weave his magic and salvage something out of the game. Not even the world's best can create/score two goals in 15 minutes, although he created more than Rooney did all game and his efforts lead to Rafael's brilliant consolation goal and it made it clear for all to see what may have been if Tevez had started the game.


WPIZenith said...

My friend you raise some strong points but I have something to tell you. Respect your elders and DO NOT mess with the big boys. Just a little lesson from the University of Life. You would do well to take a leaf out of that book. And finally let me just say you should take up a soccer column in the age that way someone MIGHT read it.

WPIZenith said...

Just some thoughts..

Work hard work hard... YOU CAN REST WHEN YOUR DEAD

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TheMAINMan said...

The Red Devils suck, Ronaldo will leave for Real Madrid in the summer....we all noe he wants out of that god forsaken club.

Allow me to explain to you that there are a few principles in life. LIFE 1. Manchester United suck 2. Their supporters reek even more

TheMAINMan said...

The heart of the problem i see here is that there is too much Star Wars Jargon ie 'Apache' Tevez for what the piece actually is...a good old fashioned sports piece. Find your style mate. Many points to be made, but make up your mind! By the way, Didier Drogba>>>>>>>>>>>>any of the man u hacks.

Vishnu Chari said...

hmmm decent turn out for my first blog;
right of reply:
wpizenith: I would rather not have adds on my comments page, and i couldn't care less about TRUE MASS and Darkmatter. Ur somewhat more constructive comment on the University of Life, i actually accept, but what is life but a series of changes as the old pass on the baton of responsibilty to the young? My analysis is not without respect, the elder statesmen of the squad have won us many a title and trophy, and without them the club would not have come so close to equalling Liverpool's title record, but i am of the opinion that unless they show some marked improvement, the younger generation of players at the club will no doubt surpass them, if they are yet to do so.

Vishnu Chari said...

right of reply Contd;
The Main Man: OK ur not a united fan, but i think i'm right in saying most of the world are, and I am entitled to my opinion just as much as you are. For reference; Tevez's nickname is Apache( got nothing to do with starwars) and it originates from his hometown suburb of the same name. I take ur point on "making a point" but some style pointers would be invaluable.

Gareth_O'Flatley said...

Nice work, it nearly makes the cut. Remember get the their attention thats the point. But old habits do die hard I suppose. I admit I don't know much about Manchester United, being a Wokingham boy myself.

Keep working at it old chum. Remeber, pressure makes diamonds, and you can rest when your dead.

Adith said...

Mate I'd like to know ur opinion regarding Manchester United's purchase of Carlos 'Apache' Tevez in the first place. At that time, Liverpool bought a certain Fernando Torres...and in time El Nino has gone onto establish the reputation as the most lethal striker in the world. In hindsight, do you think Utds transfer policies have been flawed...Owen Hargreaves at this stage looks lyk an utter waste of money. Javier Mascherano, on the other hand, was bought for liverpool- and is now captaining the likes of Messi, Aguero, and your favourite Tevez. Slowly but surely the reds have assembled a squad now capable of dominating europe. And whilst you may believe that 'youngsters' will stand up for Utd, you have overlooked the fatal flaw when using Rafael's example on Saturday. 99% of SUBSTITUTES are made to look better at the end of the game due to tired legs. Liverpool do it with some unknown Nabil El Zhar. These guys arent going to win you titles straight away. My question is, dyu think Ferguson is past it. One thing's looking a pretty safe bet this season. U wont beat the red's league record. YNWA mate